Packers Creek Range, Nelson, New Zealand
16th - 20th November 2018

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7th Pacific Regional Shooting Championships

Plans are well advanced for the holding of the 7th addition of the Championship at a variety of venues in New Zealand.

Benchrest (Rimfire and Centrefire) will be held at the Packers Creek Range in Nelson, the venue of the 2017 World Benchrest Shooting Championships. Centrefire will consist of both Light and Heavy Varmint matches over 100 and 200 yard ranges. Rimfire will be both Teams and Individual events shooting 6 Targets over 2 days
Scoped Rifle and Metallic Silhouette will be conducted at the Tokoroa Shooting Complex .
Scoped Rifle will feature a Rimfire event – Individual Match 3P discipline and Teams Match of NRA Rimfire. In addition a 3P Centrefire match will be conducted.
Silhouette will consist of 3 classes – Rimfire, Rimfire Hunter Class and Air Rifle.
The Silhouette Matches will be preceded by the New Zealand Championships held over three days. Service Rifle will be held at the Deerstalkers Association Range in Rotorua.
Shooters from Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia are expected.


All events will hold Teams Competition and Individual Matches. Entry into Individual Matches is open to all who wish to compete. For more information go to, click into Pacific Regional section.

Rules: All events will be conducted in accordance with established rules / mostly the International standard.