Updated 20 February 2019

Nelson Branch NZDA is pleased to provide our second submission to the WARO review process. This submission has been prepared in consultation with our Committee whom represent the four hundred members of our Branch.

We have liaised with Jo Gould, Statutory Manager, Northern South Island, and would like to acknowledge her assistance with the process.

Read the full submission here

Rifle Range Open

Updated 15 March 2019

Packers Creek Range is open again as usual on weekends. You can get in at 9am or 10.30am and out at 10:30am or 12noon

Range User Declaration2017-2018

Updated 1 May 2017

It does not matter that you may have completed one in the past, to be seen to be actively complying with our Health and Safety plan you need to complete one again if wishing to use the Range. You also need to start wearing high viz vest or similar when on the rifle range

Range User Declaration